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Privacy focused: All diagrams are private. No signup is required, no user tracking, and no limitations

Work seamlessly: Create diagrams without having to switch to the mouse or touchpad

Time-saving simplicity: Our simple syntax allows you to effortlessly capture and express your ideas without GUI interruptions

Keep your diagrams in your computer: With local processing and rendering, your diagrams doesnt leave your computer

Generate DDL: directly generate SQL statements to create your database tables.

Enhance your presentation: generate beautiful database diagrams that give your documents a polished look and also makes it easier to convey information.

How it works

With the online database diagram tool, easily create ER diagrams, relational diagrams, schema design, LDM, and PDM data models.

  • To get started, simply define your table structure using the text editor.
  • Database diagrams are generated in the output.
  • Feel free to move the objects, zoom in and out, and pan for easy navigation.

Privacy policy

  • All processing of DDLs and rendering of diagrams are performed locally within your browser. We do not transmit or store your diagrams in our servers

Terms of use

  • No usage limits: You do not need an account to use our tools, and they are completely free of charge. Feel free to use them as much as you want.
  • Liability: We are not liable for any actions you may take using our tools, and we offer no warranty or guarantee of any kind.