Safari bug - tables get clipped

There is a bug on Safari 17.1 and 17.4 (TP). Sometimes I can see all tables but reload the page cause a clipped view like this:


posted on 11 Nov 23

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I''ll try to reproduce this, I don''t have access to safari browser, will try to get to it soon


In the Webtools I can see that your CANVAS element has different width information.

One with HTML attribute: width="1034"

And one with style attribute: style="width: 517px; …"

Safari picks the CSS width (correct behavior). Because your container DIV #output has a min-width:25% rule, the DIV ist only 517 px wide.


I tweaked the CSS a little, it seems to render well now on the safari browser on the ipad.

Can you try once and let us know if it works for you ?