CUSTOM SQL - ERDL Diagram Syntax

  • Use CUSTOM() tags to specify any column level or table level constraints that are not available as part of the standard diagram syntax.
  • You can type any custom SQL inside the CUSTOM() tags and they are referenced and translated while generating DDLs
  • LIMITATION: Currently, you cannot include a "double quote" as part of the CUSTOM tag
CustomerID int CUSTOM(TITLE 'Customer Name')
Name string INDEX
Age int CUSTOM(CHECK (Age>=18))
Address1 string
Address2 string NULL
Address3 string NULL
CUSTOM(Partition by CustomerID Cluster by Name)

Converts to below DDL:

CustomerID int TITLE 'Customer Name',
Name string,
Age int CHECK(Age>=18),
Address1 string,
Address2 string,
Address3 string
Partition by CustomerID Cluster by Name